Book Day at Bachiller Sabuco School this year has been a totally success, especially with 1st and 2nd Years ESO. A bid pity we did not do it with the rest of grades!!!!
Very interesting presentation by Arturo Tendero, P.E. teacher and poet and by Eloy Cebrian, English teacher and novelist
The audience was really focused
1st Prize Book Recommendation
Mar Alvarez, 4th Year ESO C,
Crying out love in the center of the world, by Kyoichi Katayama or Un Grito de Amor desde el Centro del Mundo in Spanish
3rd Prize Best Bookmark
Carmen Escribano, 2nd Year ESO B
with her message, "Happiness, laughs, love, drama, action, mistery, lonliness, ... All of this and much more inside a book"
2nd Prize Best Bookmark
Pablo Sotos, 1st Year ESO C
with his message, "Reading is travelling"
Very well painted

1st Prize Bookmark
Claudia Fernández, 4thYear ESO A
with her message, "Books are the friends that never disappoint you"
Hand made decoration
Great job!!!!!!
It was really difficult to choose the best ones
Very good recommendations indeed!
Just stop by and have a look

...and remember to READ; READ and READ;
you will never regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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