THE LOST WORLD performed by 4th ESO Students

Good pose on stage!!! What a wig!!!!

Good performance!!!! Keep on working!

Lots of posters to show how important is to stop pollution and help our planets and ourselves!!!!

Congratulations; another step to change things.
Introducing Cervantes and his awesome novel, Don Quixote of La Mancha
Don Quixote´s niece and housekeeper in action!
Don Quixote being knighted by the innkeeper
Señor Licentiate, housekeeper and niece really worried about Don Quixote´s behaviour.
Sancho and Don Quixote started their adventures
Don Quixote meets Dulcinea.

More adventures in Montesino´s Cave.
Back home, Don Quixote is dying

Gorgeous performance!!!!!!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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