Just arrived
First day History Project in mixed groups

Once ready, presentation in front of other George Green´s students

Passionate Debate

Quemistry Lab

Reading club with Greenwich observatory at the back. Amazing!

Cooking for funraising

Selling what we had cooked to get money for a Flamenco workshop at school

Ms Francesca Di Fraia, Ms Ana Nieves López and Julia Rodríguez with flowers from the students. How sweet!!!!
Thank you so much to you all. Looking forward to seeing you in Albacete!!!! No excuse, ok??!!

We started with 1 Year ESO. Three Second Province Positions. Well Done!!!! 

 Great results in 2Year ESO as well. Great job!!!!

 In 3 Year ESO our students bit our records. Excellent!!!
 Our Best Homours 4 Year ESO student. Number 1 in the province ranking. Congratulations!!!!

 Congratulations to everybody!!!!!

Lots of pics this year. Enjoy them!!!!!

   Awesome musical moment by 1 Year ESO students 
    Our Principal, Ms Ana Rodríguez 
 Our European Section Coordinator, Ms Julia Rodríguez
 Paloma Reyes and Miguel Yago as 4 Year ESO students representation

                                     Diplomas Moment

 With and without teachers. Not big difference, is it? Ha,ha.
     CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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