First Bachiller Sabuco Congress

Our Bilingual Year 3 and 4 ESO students have had the opportunity to attend to the First Bachiller Sabuco Congress, where our Business English students, Year 2 Baccalaureate, have explained their posters dealing with different topics, such as, Neuromarketing,
 Contact lenses,
Pasaje Gabriel Lodares,
Gaudí in Albacete, 
Colors and Memory, 

and Videogames & Skills.

Interesting topics for demanding students

All the students had the chance to see what a proper poster is, listen to the authors and make questions afterwards. 
Everything in English of course, ha,ha!!!

We would like to thank Antonia Redondo, our Maths teacher, and J.M. Villalba,  our Physics teacher, who introduced us in this amazing world of posters in congresses.

Good job everyone!!!!

An animated feature film inspired by the masterpiece of edgar Allan Poe by Raúl García.
The tales were four: 
The Fall of the House of Usher
The Facts in the Case of Mr Valdemar
The Tell Tale Heart
The Mask of the Red Death

We went to La Paz Theatre and enjoyed the animated film with many students from other high schools. Good opportunity to be in contact with alternative shorts, literature and English at once!!!!!!

Funny faces to start with. Really excited to see what Isabel and Julia, our English teachers, had explained to us in class the day before about Andrew and James Wyeth, contemporary realistic American painters.
Christina´s World
Andrew Wyeth Self portrait
Portrait of Shorty
Portrait of Lady
Portrait of Andy Warhol

Thanks to Isabel, our History teacher, who had prepared a very interesting file about the Permanent Exhibition with questions to make us think, we also learnt a lot.

J.M. Villalba always open to new experiments!!! Ha,ha
Our particular angels
Free time in Retiro Park with lovely walks, waiting for...
Making a kissy face!!!!!

 Rowing boat time at last!!!!!

A naughty fountain watering not very expert bowers
Technology amazing effects at the bus

Thank you Sofia and Cristina for your enthusiasm and help. It was a pity we didn´t have time for the gymkhana with all the tasks prepared by all the English Bilingual Section teachers. We will try to do it one Friday in May in Abelardo Sanchez park.

Thanks to everybody we had a gorgeous day together. A toast to you all!!!

 2ESO students explaining their posters

1ESO Posters

Last Friday, Hannah, a Language  Assistant Teacher in La Roda, paid a visit to our school to talk about her birthplace, Alaska.

Nobody wanted to miss it
Rosaura, our English teacher, introduced her in front of the students
Hannah had prepared an awesome presentation full of wonderful photos and interesting information,such as there are more than 3,000 rivers in Alaska and over 3 million lakes, there are also more than 70 potentially active volcanoes and each year Alaska has approximately 5,000 earthquakes
State Nick Name: "The Last Frontier". The name Alaska is derived from the Aleut word "Aleyska", meaning great land".
State Motto: "North to the Future"
Even some meese come down to your place in winter time looking for food and a bath. Ha,ha!!!

Thanks to Hannah we know now lots of things about this amazing part of our planet!!!

Here we have the sketch called Mr Universe performed by 1 ESO Bilingual students. Sorry about the quality. Enjoy it!!!

Now some pics.First, warming up!!!!

Our awesome presenter
The three judges

First contestant, Arnold
Our second contestant, Ernest

Our third contestant, Elvis


Excellent job!!! Well done, guys!!!!!
Did you get the three judges were the mothers of the contestants? Ha,ha

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Secciones europeas
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