It was packed tight!!!!
Romeo and Juliet in a express version

Playing the violin very well
Making their dreams come true!!!

Final Message
You Can If You Want To

Good Job Everybody!!!!

      All the World´s a Stage is the first phrase that begins a  monologue in "As You Like It" by Jaques in Act II, Scene VII, written by  W. Shakespeare. The speech compares the world to a stage and life to a play. There are seven ages of man: infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, old age and second childishness.
 Looking forward to watching the roleplay by Moving On in our auditorium. How lucky we are!!!
Who will be our new actors and actresses?                    We´ll see.
Don´forget it on Feb 26 at 9.00 at Bachiller Sabuco auditorium!
You have been Don Quixote of La Mancha at least once in your life...
We enjoyed arguing about banning smoking in cars with children in England...

Thank you Gary for everything. We will miss you. You will always be part of Bachiller Sabuco school. Hope you come back soon. Good luck with your new projects!!!!!
 Alvaro García, 4 ESO. Really smart!!!!
           a Grease song. Cool!!!!
 Claudia and Angela, 1ESO. Tough job with the violins indeed!!!!

Mama Mia in German, awesome!!!!

4ESO Girls Dancing. Lots of fun!!!!

Thank you all!!!!
Everything for a good reason

It was incredible listening to Dr. Dirk Huylebrouck, a University Maths Professor from Belgium, in a very fresh way!!! First part about Leonardo da Vinci and Maths and in the second part, are Maths fun? It did not seem a Maths lecture, but a comedian monologue!!!!!Ha,ha,ha!!!! 4ESO students had lots of fun, indeed!!! Thank you Ms Antonia Redondo, one of our Bachiller Sabuco Maths teachers, for bringing him to our school.

Why Connecticut? It is obvious. Gary, our dear assistant teacher, is from there.
Here we are

Looking forward to listening to Gary´s presentation

Posters all over...

Great job!!!!
Did we say that Gary´s presentation was perfect?
We can tell it was really super!!!!

Miguel brought a real boomerang dot-painted. Awesome!!!
Look at these incredible paintings!!!

1 ESO girls, really focused!!!
Koalas, lizards, crocodriles, kangaroos, geometric figures,  ... Very creative indeed!!!! 
What can we say about the boys? Totally impressed!!!!

Well done!!!!

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Secciones europeas
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