...and FAME arrived!Begging for an autograph!
Funny couple!

A toast to Mr. Scrooge!

Mr.Scrooge in action!

What a grave!..

Romantic quarrel!

the Cratchit Family.

The girls in the play

Awesome costumes!

Happy Ghost!

...... and it was NOT Halloween! Scary, though!

Amazing musicians!

All our actors and actresses made a huge effort and as a result, the play was a success!
Special mention to Mr. Scrooge, our dear Ines Moreno, 1ºESO B. Awesome!!!!
Your fan forever!

..... and Christmas arrived again!
Ignacio Navarro 2ºESO
Jorge Navarro 1ºESO
Natalia Roda 2ºESO

WELL DONE! You were really fast and very witty indeed! Gorgeous stamps to show off!!!! Help washing your hand for a while, otherwise it will vanish.

Lots of enthusiasm, some easy questions, tricky places, ...,
but at the end, YOU GOT IT.
Delicious kitkats and cool stamps! It was worthy, wasn´t it?
Everybody was very active, raising the appropiate color card. Incredible, if we consider that it was first period. Good job guys!

Any cramps in your arms?
Be ready, Christmas is coming....

We started Thanksgiving´s Day with an awesome lecture by Eleanor Craven, our especial Pilgrim this year! Beautiful dress! Juicy lollipops! Amazing songs! Well done Ellie! Thank you so much!

Different moments during the contest:

a quiz with questions
a poster with pictures in a wrong order
a singing challenge

Lots of fun!!!!

Let´s guess! Who is Guy Fawkes´ Effigy?
You naughty......!! Of course, it is the one made of paper.
Very original handmade dummy!!
Bye-Bye Guy!!!!
Here we have our first Guy Fawkes´Competition´s Winners,

Víctor De la Plaza Schnieper 3ºESO A
Daniel Fernández Gómez 3ºESO A
Tomás López Garrido 3ºESO B
Pablo Yago Giménez 3ºESO A

Very fast and good singing indeed!! Congratulations!!!!
Celebrating Guy Fawkes´day!!!
Our dear Ellie giving students the instructions. Very helpful, as always!!

Here you have the fair judges we had this year.
"Difficult decision, isn´t it? Enjoying it, though."
Good job!!!! Thank you.

Laura Moro (2ºESO C) and Raquel Cózar (3ºESO B) won the first prize. The pumpkin in the middle.
Well done!!!!!

Even the English teachers dressed up for the event!

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