Our Cupido and his assistants this year have been working really hard

Outstanding Cupido´s team!!!!!
 Difficult matching indeed!!!
 Cupido delivering the St Valentine´s cards. Most of them were very touching!!!!!
 Class after class on every floor
 Don´t be afraid of Cupido´s arrows. They are harmless!!! Ha,ha
 Sweet girls ready to be matched up with a lovely boy!!!!
 Brave boys eager to receive an arrow or more!!!!!
 Cupido reading a moving letter to 3th Graders from his Physics teacher, J.M. Villalba
 Very shy at the beginning, but later...
 No borders for Cupido!!!!

 Very pleasant with Cupido around!!!!
 Our Spanish teacher, Leonor, was one of the lucky teachers who was touched by Cupido!!!

Julia, don´t get scared, it´s just LOVE!!!!!!

Happy Valentine´s Day to YOU ALL!!!!!
Once again the Ski Field Trip was a totally success although there was not much English around.
Perfect equipments, ready to ski
Sightseeing in the evening

Not much snow, but enough
Every moment is perfect for a picture, even on the ski lift. Ha,ha

 Professional style!!!
 Time for Canaval!!!
Snow board girls!!!!!!

Cool faces!!!!
Wonderful team!!!!
Awesome experience!!! Thanks to our teachers Arturo, Maria Angeles, Laura and Paco.

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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