Awesome Christmas Pantomime!!!!!
Feel really proud of you!!!!

Amazing performance, we can even see the teachers dancing and singing!!!!

Enjoying ourselves! Learning together!

We want to thank Albasit, Don Bosco, Amparo Sanz and Tomás Navarro Tomás schools for coming over like every year.

More pics for you to ....

Words connected with the panto for the audience to guess the meaning
Our gorgeous Magician

The audience was very expectant and anxious to see the panto

Aladdin´s mother was our Panto Dame this year

Madrid and Barça supporters arguing to update the panto
The four splendid guards always taking care of the princess
Alladin in the middle of the mannequin challenge
            Our successful genie!!!!
There were famous possible husbands for 
Aladdin´s mother like Jezulin, 
                                 Wyoming or
                                      Aladdin in action
John, well Johnny for friends, our tacky suitor
       The princess always too naïve
                Awesome pantomime!!!! 
              Congratulations to you all!!!!

We shouldn´t forget our fantastic pianist!!!

After checking everybody understood everything, we went to the playground to pull the crackers.
And Santa wished us all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!!!!

Be careful!!! Tests can produce some harmful effects on Year 2 students.

Watch out!!! Year 1 ESO is also suffering weird effects!!!

Keep also eyes open as Year 4 is also having side effects tests. Be wary of being around Year 4!!! Flaky behaviours!!!!!

                            Telling spooky stories in class
                            Dressed up
1st prize Jack O´Lantern, MANCHEGA STYLE, by Andrea, Ana and Mercedes, 2ESO A

2nd prize, BANDAGE STYLE, 
by Rebeca Macas, 1ESO C

1st Prize Witch Hats, 
by Irene and Melany, 2 ESO A-C
                              1st Prize cakes, BRAIN STYLE, 
                         by Nuria, 2ESO C

          2nd prize, SPOOKY CUP CAKES, 
         by Belén, Carmen and Esther, 1 ESO A

                 3rd prize, GRAVEYARD STYLE
                        by Javier, 2 ESO A

                                 4th prize, FINGER STYLE,
                        by Adolfo, 1ESO C

5th prize, BLOODY STYLE,
 by Claudia and Helena, 4 ESO A

Honorary Award, PUMPKIN, GHOST AND BAT STYLE, by Mercedes, Ana and Andrea, 2ESO A
                   Astonishing cleaning team, by 4ESO students mainly plus teachers like Rosa

Thank you so much to the teachers and students  who have taken part in the event.
A great success thanks to all of you!!!!!


How To Be Sherlock Holmes, by Forum Teatro

This year we have also had the opportunity to see a proper play by English speaking actors in our school.
The play was not very good, but good enough for learning and keeping us entertained. 
The main actor was gorgeous!!! Very expressive and with perfect body language.
The unexpected end was the best moment when we discovered that Mr Steven Smart was really Arthur Conan Doyle, the authentic writer of all the cases investigated by Sherlock Holmes. He had killed Dr Watson accidentally, but he made a deal with Mrs Hudson, who would write more stories based on Dr Watson´s cases and Arthur Conan Doyle would sign and become a famous writer.
 Really funny moments in between, such as the ones when Mrs Hudson and Mr Steven Smart were riding a horse.

Mr Steven Smart trying to get a job as an actor at 221B Baker Street

Mrs Hudson. Dr Watson´s widow, is looking for an actor with no relatives or friends around to roleplay her stories. This is the reason why Mr Steven Smart will be the one, although he seems a bit clumsy.

They start roleplaying together different characters

Funny moment where Irene Adler, an American Opera singer is being roleplayed by Mr Steven Smart

In the end, we find out that Mr Steven Smart is Arthur Conan Doyle, who had killed Dr Watson accidentally and will become a famous writer signing Mrs Hudson´s stories. Excellent deal for both!!!!
Thank you so much to all the teachers supervising and making this activity possible for all of us.
Perfect audience in spite of being packed in like sardines!!!!
Once again Abycinitos has taken place in our dear city.

Very excited before coming in
 totally anxious and expectant to watch the shorts
 Proper presentation by the Abycine staff
 There were different kind of shorts. Some were very, very short with deep topics, but easy to make. Others were more demanding and needed more budget. What is sure is that all of them had something to offer to the spectator
 Really happy afterwards!!!!
Once again a entirely and completely success!!!
Thank you to the teachers that took them there, to the tutor teachers who collected the money and the Office for organizing and being open to this kind of activities.
Well done everyone!!!!!!

On Thursday, Year 1 and Year 2 ESO went to La Paz Theatre to see more shorts

Very interesting topics that made us think over.
It was worthy walking thirty five minutes. Ha,ha!!!

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Secciones europeas
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