An excellent idea to fundraise money for people who need it much more than us
      We are really lucky to have school everyday
           No need to walk or travel far from home
                        Stronger all together
Víctor, one of our old European Section Student, juggling. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
                     Our brave dancing girls!!!

Lidia as a Fire Chief, Jaime, Javier and Jorge as future fire men were the protagonists of our funny sketch. No table, apparently. Ha,ha,ha...
                   Not very big axe, was it?

After a semi crisis, the result was impressive. Well done, guys!!!!! 

     Now you can even see it!!!!!! Enjoy it!!!!!!

The German play was awesome. Easy to understand thanks to their body language and pictures. Well, we must confess we had already seen the American version. Ha,ha,ha,...
             What can we say???? Really smart!!!
Lots of our European Section students study German, that´s why they are here and there
Our musical couple, Amalia and Emilio as the perfect duet!!!

Welcome to Amparo Sanz, Don Bosco and Leonardo Da Vinci High Schools
We really enjoyed having you all here

1st Part

2nd Part

What happened before
Last minutes rehearsing before the play started
                Our expert in bombs, watch out!!!
                       How sweet girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
               Our gentleman revising his lines

                      Two ladies and a palmist
          Two narrators waiting for their moment!!!
Lady Windermere and a narrator relaxing before the key moment!
                       Outstanding audience!!!!!
                       Having fun!!!! Great!!!!!
                     Busy palmist reading hands...
           Buying nicotine, an effective poison
               An old lady is about to die...
        Sybil and her father talking about wedding
      At last, Lord Arthur found someone to kill
                     Our increadible musicians
Perfect Team

Thank you
 Amparo Sanz High School
Don Bosco High School
Leonardo da Vinci High School
It was a pleasure having you all around
Looking forward to meeting you again

               Some quotes from the Reverend

Full Auditorium 
           School Segregation is Not Constitutional
          White children did not go to school as a colored girl started to go to that same school. At the end, the white kids got bored and came back to school.     
Colored people were supposed to go on the bus at the back
In 1963, March on Washington D.C. where he delivered his"I Have a Dream" speech
       In 1964, Civil Right Act, No discrimination because of religion, ethnicity, color skin, race, country or sex
Nobel Prize for Peace like B. Obama would be later

     Martin Luther King,Jr. was killed in 1968, but his main legacy was to secure progress on civil rights in the U.S. even after his death.

    Thank you so much Ms Pérez for coming to our school and talked about this amazing Civil Right Leader. We will never ever forget it.

Skating at Christmas with our School P.E. Teachers

Trying not to fall


Very cheerful!!!!

Keeping balance!!!!
Sliding down the ice...Hey, you look professional!!!

Thanks a lot, Pilar and Carlos. You are the Coolest P.E. Teachers ever!!!!!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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