Before going to see the musical our students roleplayed a short version of 
A Midsummer Night´s Dream

After a nice 30 minute walking along Lineal Park we arrived at La Paz Theatre
                                                     Happy faces!!!!
 ...and the musical started. Lysander and Hermia plus Demetrius and Helena came on stage.
 Then, the actors rehearsing a play inside the play

Here we have Puck, the naughty fairy, who will make Demetrius love Helena with some spells and played other funny mischiefs as well. This time with cartoons representing the fairy world.

 In the end, the protagonists playing blind man´s buff gave away some books among the audience
Everybody wanted to join the actors on stage and dance.
       We also would like to thank our teachers for their collaboration.
                   Great time for everybody!!!!
Once again Manos Unidas festival is here!!!!

Big Day   Feb 3rd at 18.00 in our city hall auditorium

Our dear Bachiller Sabuco students have collaborated in fundraising money for the construction of toilets in a boarding school in the north of India. Our effort, time and money will make life much easier and healthier to many children there. 

This is a good way to make our planet fairer.

Year 1 ESO Bilingual students danced a beautiful song, "I can´t stop the feeling", terrifically. Working hard with coordination. Ha,ha.
           Well done guys!!!!

What? You couldn´t come over! No worries. Here you have the video. You can´t miss it!!!

Students from Year 2 ESO to Year 1 Baccalaurate played with the flute My Way, Kiss the Rain, Braveheart and Dances with Wolves gorgeously conducted by our Music teacher, 
Mr. Ángel García. 
                     Great job!!!

Our Year 3 ESO student, Juan Antonio, and his hilarious monologue.

Then, Year 2 ESO after the whole class being working hard with the sketch, "The Restaurant", Sofia, Diego, Nuria and Rubén have been the ones selected for roleplaying it in the festival.

Here you have some pics.

First, we can see Sofia and Diego trying to find a good restaurant for dining out

Once they are in the restaurant, they discovered many weird things like an Italian name serving French food with a Greek manager and a Spanish guitarist speaking in German. Crazy!!!!!

In the end, Sofia and Diego decide to leave as nothing was as they expected.
 It was a shame the microphones did not work properly. Anyway

                  Awesome job!!!!

To finish up, nothing better than different dances from different cultures singing the same song in their different languages , supervised by our German teacher, Ms. Isabel García.

 To start with, Arab dances
 German ones could not be missing
An spectacular  Japanese couple
The North American couple from the west!

Wonderful ending with a clear message 
              on behalf of WORLD PEACE!!!!!

Thank you to everyone, including families, who  always support us !!!!!

Groundhog Day 2017

 2 ESO students celebrating Groundhog Day!!!!!

 1 ESO students celebrating Groundhog Day!!!!!

We have been learning the different ways to say groundhog, marmot, woodchuck, ground beaver, whistle pig and land beaver.
Lots of laughs with the tongue twister
"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?". Now you can try as fast as possible. By the way, a woodchuck never chucks wood. Ha, ha!!!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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