Lots of books recommeded by our students and teachers!!!! No time to lose!!!!!!!!

THE LOST WORLD performed by 4th ESO Students

Good pose on stage!!! What a wig!!!!

Good performance!!!! Keep on working!

Lots of posters to show how important is to stop pollution and help our planets and ourselves!!!!

Congratulations; another step to change things.
Introducing Cervantes and his awesome novel, Don Quixote of La Mancha
Don Quixote´s niece and housekeeper in action!
Don Quixote being knighted by the innkeeper
Señor Licentiate, housekeeper and niece really worried about Don Quixote´s behaviour.
Sancho and Don Quixote started their adventures
Don Quixote meets Dulcinea.

More adventures in Montesino´s Cave.
Back home, Don Quixote is dying

Gorgeous performance!!!!!!
Real Stuff Exhibition about US

Flyers, baseball balls, lisence plate, maps, medals, ......

American Football jersey and helmet, real ones!!!

Posters all over the corridors about different topic, such as, food, music, sports, fashion, traditions,....

US Flag Poster by Feli, Encarni and Gloria, our

awesome Training English Teachers!!! Thanks a lot!!!!

Welcoming George Green School students at Alicante airport

Harbour View!!!!

Photo Treasure Hunt in Alicante

Race Orientation in Abelardo Sánchez Park

Sighseeing Albacete.....

Bowling together. Lots of fun!!!!!

Corinna´s Birthday Party!!! Big surprise for her!!!!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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