Second year in a row 4ESO Bilingual students have been invited by Don Bosco school to take part in an European Section gathering. Three schools, Bachiller Sabuco,  Leonardo da Vinci plus Don Bosco had a good time playing, dancing and competing together.

First directions to start with by Ms Santamarta and Ms Iniesta. Mixed groups from the three schools.
While some groups were playing the tug of war and steal the flingsock, others were doing orienteering. Then, they swapped games. Ms Ruiz was also helping with the rope in the Tug of War.

Look at Ms Ruiz also holding the flingsock, very professional! To steal the flingsock is not easy, is it?

Time for orienteering. Still mixed.
With map included, of course. How then if not?
Close to victory. Sorry, not this time!!!!

Everybody in a rush!!!!
Then, we went to the gym...
Two Don Bosco students led a zumba exercise where everyone danced. Awesome!!!!!

Now, time for our girls. Great job!!!!
Leonardo made all of us dance as well. Great fun!!!!
Trivial moment...
Ms Santamarta explaining the game. Questions and three teams. This time one from each school. Ms Bartolomé and Ms Ruiz reading the questions. Stressing, isn´t it?
Leonardo da Vinci school team
Don Bosco school team

Finally, Bachiller Sabuco school won this year!!!! Congratulations!!! Fantastic team!!!! We feel very proud of you, guys!!!!

A guy from Don Bosco sang a Rap song very well indeed. Perfect ending!!!!!!

Thank you once again to all the teachers from Don Bosco school. You made us feel at home!!!!!

Thanks to our Practicum teachers, Leticia and Chari, plus our Maths teacher Ana and Social Science Antonio, 1ESO Bilingual could enjoy a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt in Abelardo Sanchez park the last day before Spring Break.
All the groups ended up all the questions on the cards. But the winners were Silvia, Carolina, María Leal, María Valiente and Javier Segura.

Congratulations to you all!!!
General Presentation about 
A Midsummer Night´s Dream
 Hermia and Lysander talking about their love in front of Theseus, Duke of Athens

Puck, the naughty fairy!!!
Now nobody loves Hermia, but Helena
What a chaos!!!
Puck trying to explain everything to Oberon

Big fight between Lysander and Demetrius because of Helena

Puck changing things back to normal 

Finally, Demetrius ended up with Helena and Lysander with Hermia.  Happy ending!!!

Awesome performance!!!!

Our especial Gentleman with his hand on his breast by El Greco at Albasit School. What a fantastic idea!
Oops, we have two!
Let´s start! Wonderful and useful programme indeed.
The Three Little Pigs by 2 ESO Albasit school
Alice in Wonderland by 1ESO Amparo Sanz chool

Buterflies by 1 ESO Amparo Sanz school
Contest  Who wants to be a millionaire?
The audience also taking part

Our winner contestant from Bachiller Sabuco school, Carlos Abia. Congratulations!!!

Also David Marañés tried hard, but too difficult, wasn´t it? Good job, anyway!

Our last contestant, Lorena Soria. Well done!!!!

Then, a  song  The One that got away sung by Celia and Marta Selva
Queueing for the medical checks before the race. It was great! Very proffesional indeed
still in the line....
Registration form
Pulse and blood pressure
Height and weight. Don´t ask me about the second, ha,ha. Everything done by Farmacy Vocational students. Excellent training!!!
Here we are ready to run for a good reason!!!

Ms Leo, our host English teacher at Albasit school plus Ms Teresa, an English teacher at Amparo Sanz school and myself from Bachiller Sabuco school before running
Afterwards with our awesome certificates, plus Leticia, one of our Master Practicum students this term

Thank you so much to you all!!! We shared  very good moments together thinking of others not as lucky as we are

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
Web con más información sobre el programa en el I.E.S. Sabuco