Good cops, Rex-the dog-, a sexy lady and a pilot with her safe flying in a private jet! Without any turbulences?
Waiter, beer coil and a bull in action!

The Roman Times. How strong gladiators we have!

The Stone Age with authentic troglodytes!

Are they mammoth bones?

Shakespeare Time with a passionate Romeo and a sweet Juliet!

THE LONE RANGER for 1º and 2ºESO. Fantastic wig and apron! Perfect train! What a Mexican hat! ...

You could join the Marx Brothers!

We thought "feet" were a part of our body! A pound is not money?

How confusing!!!!

3rd Prize
Marina,Irene and Inma 4ºESO A
Very sporty

2nd Prize Yummy!

Sofia,Sara,Isabel and Ana 4ºESO A
Our English Cultural Week this year has been a completely SUCCESS!
During BREAK TIME, lots of students brought DELICOUS CAKES and everyone could try and judge.

The first prize was for Melissa Cuzco and Sheila Zueco 1ºESO C
The second priza was for Marco, David Albarrán and Jose 1ºESO A/B
The third prize was for Jorge, Irene and Montse 1ºESO A/B

Today Ellie showed the students a taste of England with videos , songs and photos. It was a masterpiece lecture where everybody could learn and have fun.
Tantalized the students with sweeties.

Looking forward to the next time!

Thank you Ellie! Always gorgeous!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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