Third year in a row 4ESO Bilingual students have been invited by Don Bosco school to take part in an English Section gathering. Three schools, Bachiller Sabuco,  Leonardo da Vinci plus Don Bosco had a good time playing, dancing and competing together.

 First directions to start with by Ms Santamarta and Ms Iniesta. Mixed groups from the three schools.

 While some groups were playing the tug of war and steal the flingsock, others were doing orienteering.

 Then, they swapped games. Ms Bartolomé was also helping with the rope in the Tug of War.

Then, we went to the gym...

 Three Don Bosco students led a kind of zumba exercise where everyone danced. Awesome!!!!!
 Now, time for our students performing human figures to make the audience get the final sentence. "Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory". Everything organized by our P.E. teacher, Ms García. Congratulations to you all. Great job!!!!

Time for Leonardo students whose perform was full of rhythm!!!!!
 Trivial moment...
                  Sometimes, it was difficult to know who answered first. Our wonderful presenter, Jeremy, decided to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to break the tie.
Don Bosco School won this year. Fair Winners!!!!!
                                  Second Place for us. Almost!!!!
Fantastic team!!!! Anyway, we feel very proud of you, guys!!!!
                     Great sense of humour!!!!!!
  Thank you once again to all the teachers from Don Bosco school.   
                        You made us feel at home!!!!!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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