Everything started with a reindeer, it couldn´t be other way!!!!

   .. and father Christmas, of course!!!!

awesome lake Saima ..almost frozen.
Electric power station in Imatra

Luxury Spa hotel in the most beautiful building in Finland

The oldest Lutheran church in Imatra by the famous architect Alvar Aalto

Russian border from the bus

Paper mill factories


  Skating. Ice Hockey, national sport!!!

 City Hall in Imatra
Primary school in Imatra

Main hall at Lappeenranta school
Chemestry lab in Lappeenranta

Christmas cookies lab

Chemistry lab at Lappeenranta University

Physician tests

 and the binders were in the bus that did not come

Lappeenranta City hall and cultural center

Snow ball fighting outside Lappeenranta school

Christmas Party at Imatra school

Porridge party at Lappeenranta school

very old Lappeenranta Orthodox church
 Wolkoff house museum in Lappeenranta

Lutheran Cathedral in  Helsinki
 Bye bye at the airport

No words to thank you all!!! unforgettable memories!!!!

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Secciones europeas
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