Now you can see and enjoy it!!!

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, an Oscar Wilde play, was perfomed by different Sabuco ESO students this year as our Christmas Show 2012.
The plot is about Lord Arthur, an upper social class gentleman who is in love with Sybil, a sweet lady. He wanted to marry her but his destiny will make him commit a murder before that.
The palmist who was performed by Alfonso Cuenca did it really well, especially when he jumped down into the River Thames.

 From my point of view, it was a very enjoyable performance. My favourite moment was when Alfonso fell down onto the floor, I thought it was real, all of us were impressed.

By Jaime Ramos 4ºESO B
On December 17th The Death of Edgar Allan Poe was performed by Forum Theatre Company in our School Auditorium.
In this picture we can see that people were paying attention to try to understand what was going on.

Talking about the actor and the actress we could say that especially the actor was impressive. He made us feel scared with his crazy look. Nobody could be indifferent. They vocalized very well, the vocabulary was sometimes very difficult though.

Maybe the story was not the most appropiated for Christmas as it  was a horror story, but we thought it was the perfect timing for something different  before Christmas holidays.
As a final conclusion, we really enjoyed and we would like to have another opportunity to see another play.
By Javier Alcaraz and Jaime Ramos 4º ESO B

Audition to join our cast to Lord Arthur Savile´s Crime by Oscar Wilde. Adaptation for our Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 ESO and Year 1 Baccalaurate students.
      GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We hope it will be ready on Dec 19th 2nd and 3rd periods. Let´s cross fingers!!!!!
The Death of Edgar Alan Poe is coming on Dec 17th to our Bachiller Sabuco School, performed by Forum Teatre. Don´t miss it!!!!!
It has been great having Ashley with us again, but we must not forget our particular Squanto and Pilgrim. Thank you for all this!!!!!!
Well Done!!!! To be passive or to be active!!!!!  That is the question!
Year 4 B performing Hamlet in a very professional way. Great job!!!!!!

A Wonderful Halloween Presentation by our dear Year 1 International Baccalaurate student, Ashley.
After very interesting information about Halloween, Ashley told us a "true" spooky story. Everybody was absoluty shocked and impressed.After that, three of our ESO students, Alicia, Avelina and Jimena, told us their experience living in an English speaking country in Halloween.
Thank you all for sharing your experience with us!!!!
We are looking forward to seeing Ashley for Thanksgiving!!!!!
Thanks a lots for the candies, Ashley!!!!
Good harvest!!!!
Very difficult for the judges.
Braid with orange ribbon pumpkin     1ºESO Ramón Sánchez Quijada and Jesús Martínez Codina
Picassian pumpkin                             4ºESO C & A  Elena Valenciano,Violeta Martínez, Celia Monteagudo and Llanos Madrova
Pirate pumpkin                                  4ºESO B KiKo Andreu, Jorge Navarro, Jaime Ramos,Javier Alcaraz,Marcos Rodríguez and Rodrigo Martínez
USA pumpkin                                    1º Bachillerato B Alejandro Simón, Luis Aguado, Guillermo Piqueras and Carlos García

Certificates and prizes are waiting for you!!!!
Thanks to everyone for participating!!!!!!!

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