Once again, we have been celebrating St Patrick´s Day in our school. First in class and then in an amazing lecture by Ms Pérez, an E.O.I. teacher in Albacete.

Each year we learn new things connected with Ireland, an awesome country!!!!

Here we have some funny pictures to show what we did.

                                                 4 ESO Can you find the difference? Ha,ha
                                                      1 ESO

                             Ms Pérez in action

                            Happy staff!!!!

                         Good memories!!!!!
This year we have had the honour of having an exchange with students of two Finnish schools, Imatra and Lappeenranta, in the southeast of the country.

They have spent a week with us, with the Year 1 IB students overall. But they have come to our Bilingual English classes as well. Even they have enjoyed dancing "Manchegas" with 4ESO Bilingual with our PE teacher, Elena García.

All of us have learnt a lot from them about Finland, such as history, geography, language, education system,...

Here you have some pics from the Manchegas workshop taught by an expert and friend of Elena´s.

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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