...and FAME arrived!Begging for an autograph!
Funny couple!

A toast to Mr. Scrooge!

Mr.Scrooge in action!

What a grave!..

Romantic quarrel!

the Cratchit Family.

The girls in the play

Awesome costumes!

Happy Ghost!

...... and it was NOT Halloween! Scary, though!

Amazing musicians!

All our actors and actresses made a huge effort and as a result, the play was a success!
Special mention to Mr. Scrooge, our dear Ines Moreno, 1ºESO B. Awesome!!!!
Your fan forever!

..... and Christmas arrived again!
Ignacio Navarro 2ºESO
Jorge Navarro 1ºESO
Natalia Roda 2ºESO

WELL DONE! You were really fast and very witty indeed! Gorgeous stamps to show off!!!! Help washing your hand for a while, otherwise it will vanish.

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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