Make a mountain out of a molehill
by Amparo Sanz students

Talking about a current worry, Ebola disease.
The story takes place in a flight coming from an African country. Everybody was worried because a woman started to cough... But she did not have Ebola at the end.
Excellent job!!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

It was a fantastic activity including good songs, awesome music and gorgeous messages, such as fighting Gender Violence, Sexual Freedom, Social Justice, Legal Immigration and  Racism.
Thank you so much for making us think all these topics over.
 Not only school subjects matter!!!!

Here we have the video to watch our Cinderella Panto by Year 4 ESO A

Enjoy it!!!!

And lots of pics as well

 Our dear Fairy Godmother
  Our two funny "twin" sisters

 Cinderella crying before she got a new dress and a pair of shoes

The Prince very determined to find the owner of that shoe
 Our top celebrities, Lady Gaga, Shakira and Azúcar Moreno

 How lovely couple dancing!!!!
 Asking her marriage

 Our wonderful Stepmother, very wicked indeed!!!!

 Trying the shoe really hard!!!! But impossible!!!!

Thank you so much to all of you. Thank you to the narrators, the ones who prepared the powerpoint splendidly and the ones in charge of the music, including our excellent pianist, Pablo Maso.
 Lots of laughs and unforgettable moments!!!!
Let´s mention the perfect Audience who collaborated in a professional way!!!!!

Here we have Year 4 ESO students role playing Hamlet

 Soldiers in the castle 
 The Ghost of Hamlet´s father in front of them 
 Claudius, the new king, with his wife, Hamlet´s mother, and Hamlet
Hamlet and his loyal soldier, Horatius 
 Lovely Ophelia with her father, Polonius, and her brother, Laertes
 Laertes worried about his sister, Ophelia
 King Claudius and Queen Gertrude with two Hamlet´s old friends
 Ophelia and Hamlet
 Claudius planning to kill Hamlet with Laertes
 Polonius has been killed by Hamlet
Everybody dies except Horatius who is aked to tell the truth to the world by Hamlet

         Great job!!!!! Looking forward to the next one!!

Here we have a funny performance of Lord Arthur Savile´s Crime by Year 2 ESO

 Three ladies whose major worries are to go from one party to another.
 Mr Podgers reading Lord Arthur´s hand 
 Lady Clementine is a possible victim
 What a lovely couple!!!!!
 Father and daughter
 Planning a murder with a bomb in a clock
 A bit disappointed Lord Arthur
Happy ending with Lord Arthur and Sybil together at last!!!!

   Great job everybody!!!!

 Students prepared a balanced breakfast together, containing four groups of nutrients.
Previously Ms García gave the students the guidelines in class for a healthy breakfast. They were divided into groups. One speaker from each group had to make a short presentation of their food group (function, benefits…)
Then, everyone enjoyed a proper breakfast and had a good time.

Thank you Ms García for teaching us such important things in a funny way!!!!!!

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