Thursday, May 25th 2017


IES Don Bosco and IES Histórico Bachiller Sabuco
            Welcoming poster💓💓
 Orienteering; finding clues to complete a chart in the least time as possible. Different groups including students from Don Bosco and Bachiller Sabuco

Tug of War where the most important thing is your team strength

More orienteering tasks

Steal the flingsock

Ceilidh Time with strong boys wearing typical kilts made of woollen cloth in a tartan pattern and dancing The Flying Scotsman, famous song for this type of parties
Don´t miss this video

and now with our buddies

 Charles´s Brain, a theatre play written by Manuel Sánchez Calero and directed by Miss Martínez, English teacher

Excellent script and performing!!!!
                   Key moment. Trivial Contest
Three groups: Don Bosco, Bachiller and Sabuco

Bachiller has won in the end. Splendid champion!!
We must admit we had two groups, so double chances to win. Ha,ha
Memorable Certificate
            All together with very happy faces
A handful of very proud teachers indeed
We would like to thank all the teachers, students and staff from IES Don Bosco. A day full of funny, interesting and artistic moments!!!

                     THANK YOU SO MUCH  

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Secciones europeas
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