All our 4th graders ready for the event with their happy faces and white shirts with black ties

Maria Leal playing the ukulele gave us goosebumps!!!!

After some speeches by the Principal, Miss Ana, and the Bilingual Coordinator, Miss Julia, a beautiful song was performed by Claudia on the piano and Ariadna singing

After watching and listening to a video where some teachers in the bilingual team said some words towards the protagonists, the students, Elena made a brilliant speech

Lovely flowers to the teachers there, Miss Ana, Miss Julia, Mr Paco and Mr Joaquin 

Our especial guest, Miss Maribel, who had been our History teacher in English for lots of years
Then, kisses and congratulations all over at DIPLOMA time
and more kisses...
and more...

and many more...

and more kisses...
Our French teacher, Miss Laura
Mr Villalba, our Physics teacher surrounded by his dear students

Happy faces with diploma included
Selfie moment

Fixing some bands, ha,ha
Thank you so much to everyone. It has been a ceremony we will never forget!!!!

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Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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