Arriving at Eltham Hill School after spending the whole night travelling. tired, but really excited!!!!

                   Eltham Hill School Ethos

Lovely old pics from old times

          Antique devices shown in display cabinets
 Getting our weekly travel card. Very handy and quick
 Key moment was to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
 Lovely smiling face pin if the number of letters in your name was a prime number. Lucky Inés and Helena!!!!
              Cosy Teatre!!!!
             With the protagonist. Spot him!!!
         In London Chinatown
 Waiting for the parents to pick our students up at the train station
Eltham Hill School 4Bs 
           Helpful messages all over
 Tate Modern Museum claims for more female artists in museums promoting the group Guerilla Girls
 Funny and happy advices on toilets doors
 Daily train and tube trips in big cities
               London Eye experience
            Two teachers having fun
 Outside the British Museum, a must we could not miss
 Gorgeous quotes by Writers on the corridor walls
               Typical Red Telephone boxes

 Park time, Eltham students with their school uniforms yet
 St George´s Day, April 23rd, in Trafalgar Square
 Tower Bridge and tourists from Albacete

 Romeo and Juliet at The Globle. Unforgettable!!!

Piccadilly Circus, full of life

 Harry Potter at King´s Cross
 The Big Ben and the Houses of the Parliament at the back from Westminster Bridge
               Buckingham Palace

               With the dear families that hosted us

 Farewell party at Natalia´s place
Farewell game before getting on the bus to the airport

Thank you so much for everything to teachers, especially Miss Fernandez, families and buddies. There are no words to express our gratitude.

       See you. We will keep in touch!!!

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Secciones europeas
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