Very excited about spending one day together in Madrid. 
 First, we went to see The Guernica by Pablo Picasso. After leaving our bags in the lockers and getting a radio guide, we could enjoy one of the most representative paintings of the XX century indeed. It was a really pity we couldn´t see the rest of the museum. Next time.
Back to The Retiro Park, we had free time for lunch. Then, we could see Kerry James Marshall exposition. A very interesting view about the presence of Blackness in the American society by an Afro-American painter. Invisibility in figurative paintings. 

Fun moments with the gymkhana and the boat race.

Team photo in front of Velazquez Palace in The Retiro Park
 Where are Ms García and Mr Villalba in this selfie?
 Ms Selva in action.

Gymkhana time!!!! Great fun!!!!

 Lunch time. Give me a break!! Ha,ha

 Rowing in the pond. What an experience. Difficult to come back sometimes!!!!
Lovely crew!!!

We would do it again if possible, tiring though.

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Secciones europeas
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