Our dear History teacher, Miss Ana Rodríguez Vera, explained everything with details in a very attractive way
 At the History and Geography Department section
 The Seleniuro devise to see the rotation 
of the moon
 The Science department is amazing 
and very graphic
 A stuffed alligator. This one was from another historical school in Castilla La Mancha, in Guadalajara, Brianda de Mendoza School.
 A real skeleton. Who knows if it could have been a soldier!!!???
 All the old books that are in our antique 
                  Demetrio Nalda library
Year 1 ESO plus Miss Rosaura and Miss Julia                    with satisfied and grateful faces 
                  at the end of the visit

Thank you so much to Miss Ana Rodríguez for the chance to learn so many things 
                about our dear school!!!!!

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Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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