Telling spooky stories in class
                            Dressed up
1st prize Jack O´Lantern, MANCHEGA STYLE, by Andrea, Ana and Mercedes, 2ESO A

2nd prize, BANDAGE STYLE, 
by Rebeca Macas, 1ESO C

1st Prize Witch Hats, 
by Irene and Melany, 2 ESO A-C
                              1st Prize cakes, BRAIN STYLE, 
                         by Nuria, 2ESO C

          2nd prize, SPOOKY CUP CAKES, 
         by Belén, Carmen and Esther, 1 ESO A

                 3rd prize, GRAVEYARD STYLE
                        by Javier, 2 ESO A

                                 4th prize, FINGER STYLE,
                        by Adolfo, 1ESO C

5th prize, BLOODY STYLE,
 by Claudia and Helena, 4 ESO A

Honorary Award, PUMPKIN, GHOST AND BAT STYLE, by Mercedes, Ana and Andrea, 2ESO A
                   Astonishing cleaning team, by 4ESO students mainly plus teachers like Rosa

Thank you so much to the teachers and students  who have taken part in the event.
A great success thanks to all of you!!!!!


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