First stop, 
The Oceanografic, in Valencia

 A must, the BEACH. Even in January?
                    Proud teachers

 Lovely picture downtown in Valencia with Miss Buendía in between


Churros & Chocolate Time
 At the Diputación plenary meeting hall
             Mrs Roos feeling like a queen

At our unique Circus Theatre in Albacete

To be continued
         A sketchup workshop by Year 3ESO to
                         Year 4 ESO
 The young ones teaching the old ones. Ha,ha
              Everyone was working hard
 An amazing programme!!!! It is always great to                                learn new things

            Happy moments shared together
Thank you so much to Miss Araceli and all the students involved in this project!!!!!

Preparing different activities for the Finnish students. In this case, a presentation about key Spanish History moments by Year 4 ESO bilingual students.

Looking forward to meeting them!!!

Different experiments explained from Year 2 ESO and Year 3 ESO to Year 1 ESO and Year 4ESO

                  Thank you very much to Mr Ruiz, 
                          our Physics teacher.

                  Awesome job everyone!!!!!
Year 1 ESO, supervised by Year 1 Baccalaureate, training for the Big Challenge contest 2018!!!!

Thank you very much to Miss Esmeralda, our Maths teacher, and her students who have been very helpful

Excellent results from the beginning!!!
Year 2 ESO has been teaching Year 1 ESO Flextangles

Thank you very much to Miss Araceli, our Technology teacher, who has been working hard with all her students. Awesome job!!!!

                 It is a pleasure to see our students              teaching and learning together. 
       Hooray for teachers and students!!!

                Once again here we have our                                         Christmas Pantomime 2017 
at Bachiller Sabuco High School
Hope you enjoy it!!!!

Our panto started with our cute Fairy Godmother

While Cinderella is cleaning the house... Before that, Marian, our presenter explained what the next scene will be about.

         Gert and Bert, our favourite stepsisters,
                        came on stage

              The evil stepmother hypnotized us

        Prince Harry with Charles and Camilla 
                         talking about girls

 Master Chef is Harry´s favourite tv programme

                   Cinderella gets a lovely dress and a                              pair of black shoes

Lots of girls from all over the world came to marry Prince Harry. To start with, Lady Gaga...

                 Belén Esteban...


A wonderful Cinderella showed up on stage...

Prince Harry is searching for the woman whose foot fits the shoe he ´s got

The stepsisters´ feet are too enormous

Happy Ending!!!!

Even Students from EOI Albacete has come over to see us.  Great honour for us!!!!!

Our special Christmas gift this year

 Singing "Not failing in Christmas is real"!!!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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