Year 2 ESO
Year 1 ESO

      Happy Thanksgiving Day to everybody!!!

             We enjoyed our Thanksgiving Tree 
                     full of grateful leaves!!!!!
Fortune´s Fool offers a comic look at the concept of fatality that will remind us that we can change our own destiny. With the arrival of a fortune-teller in a ruinous hostel, a whole series of apparently fortuitous events begins. Harry is involved in a race to finally achieve the luck that he considers has always escaped him. But sometimes not everything is what it seems and life always puts everyone in their place. In these times of social networks, alternative truths and easy solutions, the work will try to make us question our reality and the world that surrounds us and will encourage us to put into practice solutions to improve our existence.

 Happy faces!!! Waiting for the play

 Anxious to see the play!!!!!

 With Chema in action!!!!!
 And Teresa as a perfect assistant

 Ismael and Emilio, awesome actors for one day!!!!

 Amina and Ismael texting all the time instead of working. 

It is always a great opportunity to see and listen to English native  speakers in action!!!!!

Looking forward to the next play!!!!!!

 Our dear History teacher, Miss Ana Rodríguez Vera, explained everything with details in a very attractive way
 At the History and Geography Department section
 The Seleniuro devise to see the rotation 
of the moon
 The Science department is amazing 
and very graphic
 A stuffed alligator. This one was from another historical school in Castilla La Mancha, in Guadalajara, Brianda de Mendoza School.
 A real skeleton. Who knows if it could have been a soldier!!!???
 All the old books that are in our antique 
                  Demetrio Nalda library
Year 1 ESO plus Miss Rosaura and Miss Julia                    with satisfied and grateful faces 
                  at the end of the visit

Thank you so much to Miss Ana Rodríguez for the chance to learn so many things 
                about our dear school!!!!!
 To start with, Mr B. was our spooky guest this year. He explained to us lots of things about Halloween and then, he told us a very scary story called "Where is my liver?" Everybody was dazzled and listenning up, well almost everyone.

Thank you very much Mr B.!!!! We are being very lucky having you around this year

Great moments with your eerie stories
Awesome storytellers

Jack O´Lantern 2017 Contest

    First Prize

Risely, Year 1 ESO

Second Prize

Jaime, Jaime, Javier and Manuel, Year 1 ESO

                                Third Prize

Alex and Pablo

Many others deserve to be mentioned as well, 
of course

Halloween Biscuits and Cupcakes Contest 2017

              First Prize

            Blanca, Sofía, Ana and Laura Year1 ESO                
                        Second Prize


Myriam and Ismael, Year 2 ESO
                               Third Prize

Aitor, Irene and Beatriz, Year 1 ESO                   

 Gorgeous ideas!!!!!

Ana, Diana, Belén and Elia

               Very difficult for the jury to decide 
            who would be the best ones in the end

                                     After an EVAU exam
                   Totally possessed!!!!!

Cleaning Team
Year 1 ESO and we cannot go without mentioning Ana, sara, Bea, Sofia and Manuel
 Sweeping the floor with the broom 
and passing the mop
Excellent job!!!!!

We would like to thank teachers and students involved in this yummy experience!!!

Congratulations to all of them!!!!!!

Looking forward to Halloween 2018!! Ha,ha

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Secciones europeas
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