Here we are after four short but intense years, the Big Day has arrived!!!

First our Principal, Miss Rosaura Suarez, said a wonderful speech
Then, our Coordinator, Miss Julia Rodríguez, also said some touchy words using some cards, of course,...

And as it could not be in a different way, our awesome pianist, Emilio Zarza played a beautiful piece of music
With two professional presenters, Juan Antonio and Claudia

Three wonderful speakers represented the whole class 2017, Patricia, Lucía and Teresa

Gorgeous song

Incredible show

Singing our school anthem, more rehearsing is needed, though. Ha,ha

Alternative Grand Staircase photo

Official one!!!

Really proud of all of you!!!!

Stay tuned for more pics and videos!!!!

One video coming up

Graduation moment!!!!!

               Mr Villalba and his students
Funny faces, best outtakes
Thank you to Mr Angel Garcia, our Music Teacher, for the organization and Mr Villalba for the videos and all the teachers involved. Thank you to all of you as well as you can organize yourselves anything!!!

  It has been a pleasure these four years sharing lots of good moments!!!!!

Congratulations and good luck in the future!!!!
VI year in a row 4ESO Bilingual students have been invited by Don Bosco school to take part in an English Section gathering. Three schools, Bachiller Sabuco,  Tomás Navarro Tomás plus Don Bosco had a good time playing, dancing and competing together.

 First directions to start with by Ms Belén, Ms Fina, Ms Pilar and Ms Daniela. Mixed groups from the three schools.

While some groups were playing the tug of war and steal the flingsock, others were doing orienteering.

Skipping the rope!!!!

       Ms Pilar helping with capturing the flag.

Ms Iluminada jumping up and down!!!!
Ms Llanos wanted to try as well!!! 
              Really experts!!!

Tug of War in action with Ms Fina!!!!

Then, they swapped games. Ms Pilar was also helping with capturing the flag.

                 Orienteering Race

Then, we went to the gym...

Some Don Bosco students performed a wonderful dance. Awesome!!!!!

After this, Juan Antonio and Ariadna explained how to play our Follow the Leader version

Follow the Leader in action

Trivial Moment ....

Amazing improvement for the crucial moments!!!!! Three different colour light bulbs, red, blue and green. Thank you very much to the Vocational Studies students

Getting ready for the contest!!!!
Very interesting questions!!!!!
Very Proud of All of You!!!!!

Final Score

Don Bosco was very close, though😂😂😂
But the key thing was we learnt a lot while we were enjoying ourselves!!!!
Gorgeous performance by Don Bosco students to end up


All the teachers from the three schools really happy to have met their colleagues again!!!!!

Thank you so much to teachers, students and all the staff from Don Bosco High School!!!!
Looking forward to next time!!!

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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