Don Quixote of La Mancha being knighted by an innkeeper
The audience is so focused listening carefully
The niece and the housekeeper were very worried as they don´t undersand Don Quixote´s behaviour

Sancho comes out to stage to become Don Quixote´s squire

Last scene where Don Quixote dies with Sancho and his family around

All the wonderful actors and actresses that took part in the performance

Our students interacting with the Norwegian students
Always a pleasure to have a visit with such awesome students!!! 
Congratulations to you all!!!!
 A wonderful presentation about the History of Spain by Year 4 ESO students to the Norwegian exchange students
 First dialogue betwwen the Catholic Queen Elizabeth and Cristobal Colombus, who would discover America with the Spanish monarchy help
 Napoleon and the Guerilla talking, but without any agreements
 Hitler asking Franco, like same political ideological partners, to take part in the World War II
Always a pleasure to share great moments with our Norwegian twinning exchange. 
Awesome audience!!!!
 Con nuestra profesora de Historia Ana Rodríguez deleitándonos con sus explicaciones
 Seis etapas diferenciadas
 Gabinete de Dibujo
 Gabinete de Geografía e Historia
 Gabinete de Ciencias Naturales

 Gabinete de Química
 Gabinete de Física
 Gabinete de Lengua Española
 Fotos donadas por personas con alguna relación con nuestro instituto
 No queríamos despedir a los alumnos de 2º Bachillerato sin antes transmitirles su propio legado

Muchísimas gracias a todos los profesores de nuestro centro que han colaborado con su entusiasmo y esfuerzo para que esta colección tan apasionante se ponga en valor y conocimiento de todos.

Here we have the video our 4ESO students have prepared to say hello to Eltham Hill London School

Hope you like it!!!!!!

Second year in a row some Year 4 ESO volunteers have shown the different spaces to the new Year 1 ESO Students to make their life easier 

Happy faces!!!!
              All the best for the 
new Academic Year 2017-2018!!!
After some 1 ESO volunteer students help with the prizes and diplomas...
Here we have Clara and Lucía in action

 First Class Honours Year 1ESO with National ranking 15, Province ranking 1, but with the highest ranking number 350 out of 350, Pablo Lozano

 Jaime Segundo, Province and School  ranking 2, excellent result as well

 First Class Honours in Year 2 at school, Province ranking 2, Sofia Herraez

 First Class Honours in Year 3 ESO, Province and school ranking 1, Lucía Polo

Elisa, Emilio and Adrián with excellent ranking as well

Secciones europeas

Secciones europeas
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