Second year in a row some Year 4 ESO volunteers have shown the different spaces to the new Year 1 ESO Students to make their life easier 

Happy faces!!!!
              All the best for the 
new Academic Year 2017-2018!!!
After some 1 ESO volunteer students help with the prizes and diplomas...
Here we have Clara and Lucía in action

 First Class Honours Year 1ESO with National ranking 15, Province ranking 1, but with the highest ranking number 350 out of 350, Pablo Lozano

 Jaime Segundo, Province and School  ranking 2, excellent result as well

 First Class Honours in Year 2 at school, Province ranking 2, Sofia Herraez

 First Class Honours in Year 3 ESO, Province and school ranking 1, Lucía Polo

Elisa, Emilio and Adrián with excellent ranking as well

A disfrutarlo!!!!!

 Muchísimas gracias a todo@s por colaborar y compartir tantos buenos momentos!!!!

Enhorabuena a los alumnos, profesores y familias de 4 ESO!!!!

Mucha suerte en vuestra nueva andadura!!!!

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Secciones europeas
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